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  • How much do lessons cost?
    A 60 min. lesson costs €80. A package of four 60 min. lessons costs €300. For any other prices please see my scheduling page.
  • How often should I have lessons?
    This depends on you, what you want, and what you can afford. Typically singers will have lessons once a week or once every two weeks. Some singers have lessons every day, especially if they're preparing for a tour, and some singers have lessons whenever they can afford it. If you are learning a new distortion, I would recommend having lessons once a week to begin with until you feel you have a grasp on the technique.
  • I'm a complete beginner. Can I start with extreme vocals/distortion?
    Yes, you can technically. However, all distortions have a pitch and have certain vocal fold behaviours going on underneath them. So, we will be working on your clean singing too, even if you never use it publicly :)
  • Are Skype/Zoom lessons as good as in-person lessons?
    Yes! During a lesson, I typically spend a lot of time with my eyes closed or looking down just listening to what you're doing. I don't make physical contact. Any and all physical feedback or adjustments will be made by yourself as I verbally guide you, so there is no difference between online and in-person lessons with me.
  • Do I need a good/professional microphone for online lessons?
    No. The built in microphones on your laptop and/or mobile phone are perfectly sufficient for singing lessons. If you would like to invest in an external microphone and interface this will provide better quality but it is not necessary.
  • How long does it take to learn [insert distortion/vocal technique]?
    This really depends on the individual. Expect months, expect a lot of hard work. Singers who use distortion are really devoted to their craft. The goal is always to avoid injury and make sure you're singing in a sustainable way. This is more complex than just ticking a checklist of "correct breathing" and "placement" - what works for someone else might not work for you!
  • Do you teach vocal fry/false cord?
    Yes, and a lot more!
  • I want to find my own sound. Can you help me?
    Yes. You're probably already singing with your own sound and we'll need to raise your awareness of that. If you want to develop your own personal style, we can do that together too. However, bear in mind that you are not stuck with "your sound" so there is no need to feel you have to limit yourself on your vocal journey.
  • I want to sound like [insert singer]. Can you help me?
    Yes. Human beings can imitate other humans (and animals). Your instrument is built to be flexible and can be adjusted to your preferences.
  • Will distortion and/or singing other styles ruin my classical voice/training?
    No! I have a good understanding of distortions and singing styles and we'll go over any major differences and adjustments you might have to make in order to switch styles accurately. Every tone should be a choice for you :)
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